Zen Meditation Class

Zen asserts that all sentient beings have a Buddha-nature. This universal nature of inherent wisdom and virtue emphasizes that Buddha-nature is nothing other than the nature of the mind itself. The aim of Zen practice is to discover this Buddha-nature within each person, through meditation and mindfulness of daily experiences. This provides new perspectives and insights on existence, which ultimately lead to enlightenment. Zen de-emphasizes reliance on religious texts and verbal discourse on metaphysical questions. Zen holds that these things lead the practitioner to seek external answers, rather than searching within themselves for the direct intuitive apperception of Buddha-nature.

Zen’s non-reliance on written words is often misunderstood as being against the use of words. However, Zen is deeply rooted in both the scriptural teachings of the Buddha Siddhartha Gautama and in Mahayana Buddhist thought and philosophy. What Zen emphasizes is that the awakening taught by the Buddha came through his meditation practice, not from any words that he read or discovered, and so it is primarily through meditation that others too may awaken to the same insights as the Buddha.

Our Zen meditation workshop is for anyone who is new to meditation and also for those who are looking to deepen their practice. Come discover the many levels of a peaceful mind. It is easy, fun and for everyone in any lifestyle. This workshop is led by our senior meditation master with over 20 years experience as an instructor. Let us help you discover how Zen Meditation can enrich your life and the lives of those around you. Helps bring balance and stability to the emotions, improves memory, deepens concentration and mental agility, replenish the heart, lung and inner organs, alleviates headaches and helps with back and neck stress as well.