• Flo Cabre-Andrews

    IMG_0266Florence Cabre-Andrews, affectionately called Flo, has been teaching yoga for over a decade. She teaches Iyengar Yoga, which is based on the ancient art of Hatha Yoga (the ‘yoga of effort’), and is not influenced by ‘new age’ practices. 

    Iyengar Yoga is very methodical and very safe. There is a gradual and logical progression. The training of Iyengar yoga is incredibly thorough and it undergoes continuous monitoring and professional development. The practice of Iyengar yoga is systematic and the sequence it is taught in is really important. The Yoga asanas (postures) are introduced in a specific order to bring awareness of one’s body. The mindfulness we learn in yoga can then be transferred to mindfulness in our day to day lives. Familiar actions learned from the standing asanas are linked to more challenging and advanced asanas over time. The Iyengar method can be both energetic and calming.


  • Dena Coduri
    Gentle Yoga/Meditation I & Healing Yoga I

    Dena Coduri is a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master, known for her challenging, yet soul-soothing yoga classes that address the whole person: physical, mental, and spiritual. She encourages her students to contemplate their existence, notice their own mind, and seek the truth within.

    She is certified in a variety of styles, from the active and dynamic alignment-based vinyasa flow, to the quietly intense yin yoga, to the gentle and meditative restorative yoga.  Additionally, she holds a B.S. and M.A. in Mathematics.

    Dena strives to teach educational classes, while still leaving room for silence so that her students may have their own unique experience. Her classes often involve eclectic music, essential oils, philosophical themes, and gentle adjustments. Dena is grateful to spend her time doing what she loves: teaching yoga, tutoring mathematics, and sending healing vibes! Find out more about Dena at

  • Michelle Ingkavet Cavanagh
    Yoga I & Yoga I / Ⅱ


    Michelle Ingkavet Cavanagh believes the meaning of life reveals itself through the act of teaching. She comes to yoga teaching with a diverse background having been a children’s martial arts instructor, a certified personal fitness trainer and a professional performer (acting/dance) for over twenty years. She has been studying a range of yoga styles since 1996 in New York and Los Angeles, is a graduate of Vitality Yoga’s 2010 Teacher Training program and is a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She creates fun Vinyasa flow classes that are energizing yet soothing, weaved with creativity, thoughtfulness and a splash of humor. In addition to teaching, Michelle shoots photography ( and is mommy to a son and daughter.

  • Lydia Guerra
    Yoga I & Yoga I/II

    lydiaA dedicated Yoga practitioner for over 10 years; Lydia Guerra has been a certified Yoga instructor since 2013.

    Starting in 2007 she has worked as a Teacher Assistant for Pre-K and elementary school children with NYC Department of Education.

    Her passion for Yoga inspired her to teach the practice to her young students, which has helped them to enhance their ability to focus and performance.

    A native from Puerto Rico, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology from the College of the Sacred Heart in San Juan. Her interest in travel and her desire to expand her perspective brought her to live in Spain for two decades and later to New York City.

  • Yashmani Seepaul
    Core Chakra Awakening I / Ⅱ & Open Yoga (Adv. Beg & up)

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  • Danny Kim
    Yoga I / Ⅱ

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  • Brandon SIlaco
    Yoga Ⅱ


    Brandon is a certified Hatha/ Vinyasa Instructor and Reiki Practitioner. He is dedicated to the teachings of Yogic Philosophy, awareness through breathing and exploring the body’s healing potential. Whether this is your first yoga class or you have been practicing for years, you will be challenged and leave with a revived sense of mind and body. His classes are rhythmic and fun, with an emphasis on meditation and breathing. He encourages his students to breathe mindfully, strengthen their body, while freeing the mind as they grow through daily practice.