• Arrival: Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before class to allow time to quietly prepare your own practice space and attend to personal needs. If you are taking a Warm Vinyasa class, this will help you acclimate to the warmer room.
  • First time to our studio: Please arrive at least 20 minutes before class to complete a short registration.
  • Late arrival: If you arrive more than 5 minutes after the start of class, please wait outside the studio door to be admitted by the instructor.
  • Injuries: Please inform the instructor of any pre-existing injuries or individual conditions.

Drinking room temperature water before and after class is strongly encouraged for proper hydration and improved metabolism. For hydration during our Warm Vinyasa class, we recommend keeping a water bottle next to your mat.

Limit food intake to at least 2 hours prior to the class to ensure you receive all the benefits of your practice.


  • Please silence cell phones for the sake of your practice and the respect of others.
  • Use quiet voice within the studio space.
  • If the instructor has allowed you to enter studio once after the class began, please prepare your practice space with minimal disturbance to your fellow practitioners.
  • Refrain from wearing heavy jewelry as this may impede your practice.
  • No perfumes or colognes. But, please be considerate of your body odor and be mindful of your fellow noses.
  • Remove shoes prior to entering the front door and place them in the shoe cubbies on the left side of the lounge area.
  • Bare feet are recommended for all Yoga classes.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.