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Columbus Day 2018

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Back To School Special – Welcome New Yogis & Yoginis!

Welcoming New Yogis & Yoginis!!! Share this SPECIAL with family, friends and co-workers who are interested. Introduce them to the goodness of yoga! 1 Month Unlimited at $75.00 (Orig. $170) Limited time. New members only. Available September 13th through October 17th, 2018.

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Labor Day 2018

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Important Notice on Membership Policy and Rates

Dear Vitality Yoga Members, We have very important announcement! There are some changes in Membership Policies and Rates effective September 1st, 2018. Please read the two documents carefully. Click on image for larger view. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Vitality Yoga

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IYENGAR YOGA – This Saturday at 9AM!

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Inversion Workshop Spring 2018

Build Strength Build Confidence Improve Balance Overcome Fear Find New Perspective In Life! CALL 718.225.8800 or EMAIL

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Mother’s Day Special!

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Restorative Workshop 2018

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Pranayama, Mantras & Meditation Workshop

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BEGINNERS WORKSHOP with Michelle Cavanagh

  Beginners Workshop! The best way to invite your loved ones to the world of yoga. Come with your family members, friends, significant other and/or colleagues. IT TRULY IS AN EYE OPENING EXPERIENCE FOR ALL BEGINNERS!!! Often, they (your family, friends & significant others) walk out with A huge amount of respect and appreciation for…

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