Beginners Workshop

If you have never taken yoga classes before or you are interested in Vitality Yoga style than this workshop is a great place to start. Here at Vitality we employ many styles and embrace all opportunities to learn and deepen our knowledge of what it means to have a healthy mind, body and spirit. This workshop is designed as an introduction to the Vitality style of yoga, meditation and energy training. Let us show you that yoga and meditation is fun, easy and for everybody at any age. You do not need to be a member to attend our workshops or special events.

Helps with:

  • stress
  • emotional stability
  • weight control
  • strengthens stomach and back muscles
  • connecting with universal energy
  • self healing through yoga postures, breathing and meditation
  • boosts immune system

Our workshops and special events are led by expert teachers who share their passion and understanding of how ancient principles and holistic methods can improve your everyday life. We continue to learn for ourselves and our members. To deepen our practice and help you grow, because your growth is our growth.