• Iyengar Yoga

    Based on the ancient art of Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga emphasizes detailed alignment and clarity in each posture. Through specific sequences and use of props, students develop awareness in their own body; as well as mindfulness in daily lives.

  • Yin Yoga & Meditation

    Slowly winding down during the evening hours through deep relaxation

  • Level II

    Dive deeper into intermediate and advanced Asanas, confronting and practicing through mental and physical challenges.

  • Level I

    Introduces more principles of Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga and simple, beginner level Asanas (posture).

  • Basic Yoga

    A gentle class at the beginner level, introducing the fundamentals of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga

  • Warm Vinyasa (Levels I & up)

    A Vinyasa flow class with the room temperature set at approximately 80°F – 85°F, going through series of flowing sequence... Your body begins to open, create heat, warm the muscles, cleanse and strengthen the body, mind and spirit as a whole – from the inside out.

  • Private Class

    Regardless of level, age, and stage of life, private lessons provide the perfect setting to address your individual goals and needs.

  • Healing Therapy

    Vitality Yoga offers a unique healing style combining Qi-gong, Reiki, and relaxation techniques to enhance therapeutic effects on practitioners. Certain types of headaches and shoulder and back pain can be effectively and quickly released.

  • Qi-Gong Yoga

    Qi-Gong Yoga combines movement, meditation, and Chakra breathing to increase the flow of vital Qi energy in the body, improve blood circulation, and strengthen the immune system.

  • Tai-chi

    Tai-chi is sometimes described as "meditation in motion". A defined series of postures or movements are performed in a slow and gradual manner.

  • Vitality Yoga

    Vitality Yoga™ studio's style consists of a Hatha and Vinyasa combination from the Krishmacharya lineage. The therapeutic asanas flow from one to another using the movement of breath and proper alignment of the body.