I heard yoga as well as tai-chi was good for relieving tension, stress and good for your overall wellbeing so I decided to enroll in the yoga studio "Vitality and Tai-Chi" on Bell Boulevard after I saw the sign posted. The place was convenient and just across from the Bayside train station. Yoga was difficult for me at first but with the excellent training of the 'Masters', I actually feel change in my yoga postures. Tai-Chi of course is just as good and has enabled me to build strength and graceful movements. The atmosphere is always welcoming and friendly. My favorite is the tea for it completes the yoga session and allows everyone to grow comfortable with each other. After 3 to 4 months of taking yoga and tai-chi, I feel very calm and relaxed and of course a lot healthier than when I first started. I definitely would recommend this place to my friends for it is geared towards health and wellbeing.
Nirmila, Accountant