It has been said that the hands of many go into the making of a life, and so blessed am I to be in the care of the hands of Reiki Master, David Eppenstein. As a Massage Practitioner myself for over 15 years, I have come to know and experience the work of many. So rarely have I been in the presence or under the care of such a gifted Practitioner and Healer as David. David's Reiki sessions facilitate and inspire a spontaneous and deep healing at a level that few can reach. I have experienced a sense of a deep return to health, vitality, clarity of vision and consciousness as a result of David's healing work. When I feel a need to rebalance or recharge in order to take care of my clients, I give my whole hearted trust and surrender my mind, body and spirit to David's more than capable hands for alignment. It is my pleasure and honor to not only be his Reiki Client, but to also have a privilege of referring my clients to David. I am truly grateful to David for all his work and for professionally bringing caring, healing and a sense of well being to my own life and practice. Thank you David.
D.F., New York